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Time and again, my jobs have led me back to books, so I decided it was high time to give in and take the hint. To that end, since I have a knack for finding errors, I thought I would try my hand at editing. An author attempting to edit their own work can be a fool's errand, and as an author myself, I speak from experience.

As an avid reader, a two-time county spelling bee champion, and a fifth-place finisher in the California bee, there are few errors that escape my notice. As a newcomer to the world of editing, though, I can't reasonably charge the prices established editors do. So, while I work my way into their ranks, I'll have a reduced pricing scheme to attract a customer base.

Image credit: "Writer's Block" by Drew Coffman; used without alteration under the CC BY 2.0 License.

Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch about writing, editing, or anything else that has piqued your curiosity. If you are interested in securing my services as an editor, introduce yourself and send me a sample, if you're so inclined. I'll take just about any genre on, so don't be shy!

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